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Learning Resources and Tutoring

Brightwood College is committed to providing students with the academic support they need to help them get the most out of their educational experience and achieve success. We maintain and develop information, resources, and services that support the educational goals of students, faculty, and staff.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center includes a collection of books, professional journals and periodicals, audiovisuals, digital information access, computer workstations, and other materials. In addition, students receive instruction in resource skills and procedures, including through research components built into the curriculum. Trained support personnel are available to assist students and faculty. Learning Resource Center hours are posted outside of the Learning Resource Center.

Academic Advising and Tutoring

Students who may be experiencing academic challenges are advised to contact the Education Department. Students who need extra assistance due to academic difficulties may arrange for tutoring through their instructor, Program Director, or the Director of Education.

Student Advising

Brightwood College welcomes the opportunity to assist students with working out solutions to educational, personal, or financial problems they may encounter during their enrollment. Students experiencing difficulties in these areas are advised to contact the Education Department.

For more information about the student and academic services offered at Brightwood College, please refer to the Course Catalog for your campus.