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Why We Love Our Brightwood College Students

Our students are fearless, strive for excellence, never give up and support one another and their communities — and these are only a few of the reasons why they should be celebrated. Our faculty and staff couldn’t agree more, and recently set out to share kind words and stories about the incredible students that make up each Brightwood College campus.

Here are just some of the reasons why our faculty and staff love their students:

“We love our students because they overcome obstacles most of us will never understand, and they do it with a smile on their face and determination in their heart. I get to witness their lives being changed.”

“We love our students because they all have big hearts and sincerely care about all people, even those they don’t know. They helped the homeless by giving blankets, food, jackets, clothing and such with our drive at Christmas time. Our students make everyone around them feel so comfortable that when we bring in new, potential students to our campus, they welcome them with warm smiles, heartfelt greetings and excitement that the potential new students will get to be a part of something exciting and beautiful. They give the potential students something to remember and something to look forward to — making new friends while on their journey to changing their lives.”

Toni Lamkin, Admission Representative, Brightwood College in Arlington

“There is one particular student that has made me extremely proud. Perla, a beautiful young lady with a sweet smile. Perla experienced health problems early on in her program but instead of finding reasons to quit, her illness made her stronger and she overcame all odds. Her externship has been completed with flying colors, as expected. I told Perla many times that her determination would bring her professional satisfaction. Perla gained employment in her field of study after externship. It is amazing to see her walk into my class radiating with strength and confidence.”

“There are so many reasons why I love our students. They are fun, intelligent and have a sparkle in their eyes when it comes to learning. They are excited about their careers. I feel very privileged to be a part of their learning process!”

“Muhammad Ali once said, ‘He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.’ What I love most about our students is the courage they have to secure a better future for themselves through education. I admire their courage, passion and commitment to complete what they started to become a medical professional. Many of our students come here to make a major shift in their life’s direction. And when they are done, they have much to be proud of.”

“My students come from a large pool of cultural diversity, and each one brings with them something unique. They are not just students — they are great singers, songwriters, poets, artists, bakers, cooks, instrumentalists, writers, dancers, social activists, financial gurus, spiritualists and ballplayers. They have struggles, but also a tremendous amount of strength. The Vocational Nurse program is fast-paced and challenging, but I see their desire to succeed and how they strategically manage their lives in order to achieve their professional goals. I am thankful to be a part of their lives.”

Julie Watters, Instructor, Brightwood College in Van Nuys

“My students are my heroes! Many of them work full-time or multiple jobs, come to classes at night, take care of their families, have babies, suffer ailments and losses, but still keep doing what it takes to successfully complete their college education. They are amazing people, and no matter what, they deserve our respect and support.”

“I currently have a class of 37 awesome students — some who have been here two months and some just two days. They have taken the first steps to a bright, new future, one in which they will be valuable assets in our community. I have students ranging from 18 to 54 years old, and they amaze me daily with their willingness and eagerness to learn. They are living examples of C.S. Lewis’s truism, ‘You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.’”

“I love my students because they’ve got GRIT (guts, resilience, initiative and tenacity). Their circumstances are not always the best, but these students push through anyway. They have received messages throughout life blaring they are not worth it, might not be good enough and cannot get out or break statistics, but they rise up like the sun. So, I love my students because they’ve got grit within to bounce back and beat the odds.”

“We love our students because they are our future! They are innovative and willing to think outside of the box. They embrace life wholeheartedly and encourage each other on their journeys. They are awesome!”

“I have had the honor of having so many amazing students in my Medical Office Specialist class. Gabriella was in my class for five months and graduated last December. She started college less than a year after being in a terrible accident that caused her to have her right arm amputated below the elbow. MOS is a lot of computer work, typing and using books to look up codes for billing, but she always had a wonderful attitude and disposition. She learned to do these tasks and never allowed the accident to slow her down. She passed her certification with flying colors and completed an externship where she did an amazing job. The site not only hired her but in a very short time promoted her to a manager position. Gabby is an inspiration to all students and myself.”

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