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A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started at Brightwood College

Guide to Starting Brightwood College

Deciding to go back to school is a big deal! It’s a decision that can be exciting, nerve-wracking, challenging and extraordinarily rewarding all at the same time. There’s often a bit of uncertainty that comes with taking those first steps.

Do you want to start a new career but aren’t entirely sure how to get there or what to expect? Don’t worry — we’ve put together a timeline of what your journey will look like.

From enrollment to graduation and beyond, our instructors, faculty and staff are here to help and cheer you on.

Here is what to expect on your journey with Brightwood College:

Step 1: Contact Us

Call (866) 543-0208 to speak with an admissions representative, or stop by a Brightwood College campus near you. Our Admissions team will meet with you and walk you through the enrollment process.

Step 2: Choose a Program

Discuss your interests with your admissions representative. They will help you identify and select the program that best fits your interests and career goals.

Step 3: Take a Tour

Set up a time to take a tour. You can visit classrooms and labs and get a taste for what your Brightwood College experience will be like.

Step 4: Take the Pre-enrollment Assessment

A pre-enrollment assessment is required for all Brightwood College students. This helps ensure that you meet the requirements for your chosen program. Your admissions representative will discuss the results with you once you’ve completed the assessment.

Step 5: Complete Your Application

You can complete your official application for enrollment online through our Brightwood College enrollment portal. You can create an account and view your program and enrollment documents at any time.

Step 6: Meet With Financial Planning

Set up an initial meeting with one of our student finance associates to create a plan for managing the cost of your education.

Step 7: Apply for Financial Aid

Complete your application for Federal Student Aid by filling out the FASFA form.

Step 8: Follow Up With Financial Planning

After you complete your FAFSA, schedule a follow-up meeting with your student finance associate to discuss the different types of financial aid you may qualify for.

Step 9: Attend Orientation

Orientation takes place a few days before classes begin. You will receive your class schedule, meet your instructors and get to know other students.

Step 10: Start Going to Class

Brightwood College offers day and night classes, so you can choose what best fits your schedule. You will receive your supplies and books on your first day.

Your time in school will vary depending on the program you choose. While you’re working toward your certificate, diploma or degree, here are a couple of other things to do:

  • Work with your instructors and career counselors to secure an externship, where you can gain real-world experience as part of your program.
  • Collaborate with the Career Development team to explore career and networking opportunities and fine-tune your interview skills.

Interested in enrolling at Brightwood College? Learn more about admissions or call (866) 543-0208. Stay connected by following us on Facebook, joining the conversation on Twitter and keeping up with us on Instagram!