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5 Résumé Tips to Help Land the Job Interview

Resume Tips

Trying to land a job interview, but not sure your résumé is making the best first impression? It can be tricky to give a hiring manager a clear idea of who you are with just a single piece of paper. However, your résumé can be the ticket to your next job interview by effectively highlighting your work experience while also showcasing your personal skills and interests.

Check out these five pro tips that may keep your résumé from being overlooked.

1. Keep your design simple.

  • Do not use your résumé as an opportunity to showcase your creativity. Instead, let your skills and experience speak for themselves.

  • Do not use overly sophisticated formats or fonts. A simple font like Times New Roman or Arial will suffice. Plus, you want your résumé to be easy to read!

2. Organize your experience.

  • Make it clean, clear and to the point.

  • Hiring managers do not want to search all over the page for information. Make sure everything is logically grouped and chronologically ordered.

3. Emphasize your skills to market yourself well.

  • Show the hiring manager why they should hire you over anyone else. You are your best advocate.

  • List awards you’ve won, accomplishments that make you stand out from the crowd, and important certifications and accolades from within your industry.

4. Customize your résumé.

  • Take the time to customize your résumé to a particular position, job description or hiring manager.

  • Do research on the company and position you’re applying for and understand what they are looking for in an ideal candidate. Not all of your experiences will be applicable to every job.

5. Make it clear that you fit the bill.

  • If an employer is looking for someone who “can work nights and weekends if necessary” or is “CPR-certified,” use these exact words in your résumé and cover letter.

  • Use your experience to demonstrate times you’ve exemplified the characteristics the employer is seeking in a candidate.

  • For experiences and jobs that don’t seem perfectly relevant, look for transferable skills that you can apply to the position you’re seeking.

Once you’ve perfected your résumé, have a trusted friend, family member, or career counselor look it over. Brightwood College students can work with the Career Development department on their résumés, preparing for interviews and more.

Download our infographic for more tips on how to ace the job interview at every stage.

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