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Father’s Day: Inspirational Stories of Dads Going Back to School

Kevin Father's Day

School, work, family — it can be challenging to balance it all. The students at Brightwood College balance that load every day. In doing so, not only have they been able to pursue a career they love, but they also work to improve the lives of their family members and those around them. Read these inspirational stories of two Brightwood College fathers and how they made it happen for their families.


Before attending Brightwood College, Kevin was a custodian and a football coach. Suddenly losing his job, he was on unemployment and eventually had to move in with his mother.

While looking online for jobs, Kevin discovered Brightwood College. The day he decided to visit, he enrolled in the Medical Assisting program. He has always been interested in the medical field, so he found his classes very fascinating.

“I am doing this for my children. I want to show them that you can accomplish your goal,” says Kevin. “Just like at work, you wouldn’t ask your subordinates to do something you wouldn’t do. It's the same thing with your children. You would never ask your children to do something you didn’t do. You should always try to set an example or at least explain why they should do their best to do well in school. I want them to have better than I did.”

Kevin’s advice for other students that are going back to school is to take that leap of faith. After graduation, he will start his externship and upon completion of that, he will become a certified medical assistant.

“The teachers also offer a ton of support,” says Kevin. “If you have the drive, there is no way you can fail.”

Richard Father's Day


After graduating from high school, Richard entered the workforce.

“As soon as I had a child, life smacks you in the face,” says Richard. “Time to get real.”

He eventually joined the Electrical Technician program at Brightwood College. He says he loves how everyone answers your questions and takes the time to walk through things with you. “Not only is it a positive environment, but you’re also held accountable.”

“Sometimes in life you encounter people who you feel like may not care, so when you come across people who actually do call you and do reach out to you, you think, ‘I should keep going to school’,” he added.

Richard’s father passed away when he was 12 years old. Because of this, he wants his children to always be taken of, even after he is gone. “I want to leave something for my children so they feel secure.”

Who says raising a family will keep you from pursuing a new career? Though challenging, being a father and returning to school is possible and, as proven by these driven men, incredibly rewarding. We are proud of all the hard-working fathers who are our role models this Father’s Day!

Brightwood College takes pride in working with each student and his or her individual situation, needs and schedule to make it possible to earn a diploma or degree. Is Brightwood College right for you? Use this checklist to find out.

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