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4 Unexpected Benefits of a Brightwood College Experience

4 Unexpected Benefits of a Brightwood College Experience

From textbook knowledge and practical skills to applications and real-world experiences, your time as a Brightwood College student could prepare you for a new career and a better future in more ways than one.

In addition to career training, Brightwood College graduates leave campus having learned more lessons than just those taught in the classroom. Our students have the opportunity to develop a committed work ethic, a deeper sense of purpose, connections with classmates and staff, and newfound confidence.

Read what our students, graduates and staff have to say about these four unexpected benefits of a Brightwood College experience.

1. Work Ethic

Our students work toward their goals in spite of obstacles, instilling in them a fierce commitment to success. Students surprise even themselves with a stronger work ethic and greater determination to succeed upon graduation.

  • “I came here a year after high school,” says Miranda, a graduate of the Dental Assistant program at Brightwood College. “I wanted to start my career and establish myself. I tried really hard to not miss a day because it’s important. It’s a fast program and if you miss it, you’re going to miss out on a lot of things. I was asked to give the valedictorian speech.”

  • “For me, I didn’t stop asking questions,” says David, a Clinical Massage Therapy student. “I was really goal-driven, so being stagnant makes me crazy. Don’t waste any time. Ultimately, I really want to do my own thing. I want to be my own boss.”

2. Purpose

Somewhere between school work, note-taking and externships, Brightwood College students gain a deeper understanding of more than just course material. Our students learn a great deal about themselves and the impact that they can have on their families and communities.

  • “At first, I was scared and timid, but now I am more confident,” says Jean Marie, a student in the Pharmacy Technician program. “You have to be focused. You have to really want it in order to do it. Now I am here, and I am getting ready to go on my externship, and I am just so excited. My goal is to get a job as a pharmacy technician; to be able to help people.”

  • “I chose to do the Dental Assistant program because I have periodontal disease,” says Courtney, a Dental Assistant student. “It’s not easy. My hope is that I can help people feel confident, because I definitely don’t have that much confidence when it comes to my smile. If I could help someone else, it would make me feel great.”

3. Connections

Our students spend time learning alongside one another from experienced and caring instructors. Many of our students and staff start to feel like a family, supporting and inspiring each other as they work together toward their goals.

  • “I love this school,” says Cassi, a Paralegal Studies student. “Just from all of the instructors, the students that I go to school with, even the lady that works the front desk is really, really sweet. You can count on everyone here. It’s truly a family environment. Success here definitely comes from the support. They’re always here for us.”

  • “Coming here every day is my family away from my family,” says Chad, a Brightwood College instructor. “Our students might have never had a mother figure or a father figure. We, as instructors, try and build internal relationships with students as far as carpooling, study groups, back-up babysitter plans, things like that, to make sure each one of them becomes successful. And when they give up, we don’t.”

4. Confidence

Students often find that their limits are far beyond what they had ever imagined. The confidence that comes from understanding the extent of their abilities can be life-changing.

  • “The biggest struggle is time management,” says Olga, a Brightwood College Pharmacy Technician student. “I go to school full-time, working full-time. It’s just really hard. I’ve learned a lot about myself. How much I can actually do. It just pushed me to the next level. Knowing the limits that I can go to is really amazing.”

  • “I have many students that stand out, but one in particular was a young lady who was pregnant,” says Peggy, a Brightwood College program director. “She had two children, was a single mom, working two jobs while coming to school, and she had lost her transportation. Every day she’d come into my office and cry and say that she couldn’t do this anymore. I would just remind her, ‘Yes you can. You’re going to get through this.’ And, sure enough, she walked the stage. I still get emotional when I see her. Especially when I saw her walk the stage. She was so excited.”

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