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Advice from Brightwood College Instructors and Staff

Brightwood Advice From Instructors

At Brightwood College, our instructors and staff are with you at every step. They are experienced in their fields, but they also have knowledge that expands beyond the classroom.

Keep reading for advice on staying motivated and accomplishing your goals from our Brightwood College instructors and staff.

“Staying driven and keeping up the desire to succeed can be a difficult task at times. It’s at these times that having an instructor or staff member to guide and encourage becomes vital. Success is being able to accomplish your dreams and your goals, and striving for that goal. At the end, knowing there is a bright future or outcome. If you continue to pursue that goal and that dream, you will be successful. It’s just what you want to do with it — the sky’s the limit. You just have to start. That’s the hardest part.”

“Never look back on what you left, but only keep walking toward the things you want.’ I tell my students all the time that the minute you start walking forward, you have to keep walking, because when you look back to see what you’re missing out on, you’re going to trip and fall. I don’t care how many people are screaming behind you, they’re screaming because they’re scared because you’re becoming successful. The louder they get, the better you’re going to be in life.”

“When I teach, the most important thing I stress is the character of the person. You can get a pill from any doctor or nurse, but what you cannot always find is the treatment and respect that you get. I tell my students to be welcoming, kind and good communicators.”

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