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Success Story: Bright, Pharmacy Technician

Bright, Pharmacy Technician

Bright is a registered Pharmacy Technician who graduated from Brightwood College in San Antonio - San Pedro.

He has one piece of advice for anyone considering going to school to pursue a new career: “Never give up.”

For Bright, there’s great meaning in this common phrase — it is what helped him overcome many obstacles to become the first person from his family to graduate college.

Bright grew up in Ghana, Africa. He shared a one-room house with no running water or electricity with his parents and six siblings. Bright remembers sleeping outside under a table because the house was too crowded.

Bright’s parents could not afford to send their children to school. Instead, after completing the fifth grade, Bright took a job as an architect's apprentice. He worked there for nearly 10 years and learned architectural draftsman skills. He designed, planned and built houses, apartment complexes, banks and other structures from the ground up.

“No person in my entire lineage had ever left my country — we had no hope in sight,” Bright says.

Bright later met his wife and they had the opportunity to move to the United States. He was excited, but says it was overwhelming to think about finding a new job in his new home.

“I was lost and confused with all the choices I had in this country to further my education,” he says. “I knew I needed to do something hands-on and slightly behind-the-scenes.”

His search led him to Brightwood College and the Pharmacy Technician training program.

Bright sometimes felt that he wasn’t smart enough. But his wife and the staff at Brightwood College would not let him give up. His wife would often come home from work and stay up until two or three in the morning to help him study.

“My wife is my everything. She would read to me when I couldn’t read any more and encourage me when I wanted to give up,” Bright says. “No one gave up on me, from my counselor to my instructors and even the financial department.”

Bright now works as a registered pharmacy technician for PharmAmerica and has inspired several of his siblings to also graduate from college.

“My experience at Brightwood was life-changing,” he says. “The job I am doing is a perfect fit for me. I never knew life could be so sweet.”

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