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Success Story: Tracy – Pharmacy Technician

Brightwood College Tracy Success Story

Tracy completed her first college degree in 2001. She entered the medical transcription field and, in 2006, started her own business as an independent contractor. This allowed her to work from home and build up a network of clients for her business. With steady work and income, Tracy was ready to tackle life head on — she thought supporting her family and raising her children would be a breeze.

But in October 2015 Tracy received a devastating diagnosis. She had one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer. Tracy was forced to face a challenge greater than she could have anticipated.

She continued her home business while undergoing cancer treatment, but the treatments made working difficult. Tracy was only able to work when she was feeling well enough. New business and clients became harder to come by, and Tracy found herself slipping into depression.

She decided it was time to make a change. It was time to focus on something more positive. For Tracy, that meant going back to school.

The Path to Becoming a Pharmacy Tech

Tracy wanted to join a growing career field, and her breast cancer diagnosis made her even more driven to work in the medical industry. After doing research, she decided to look into becoming a pharmacy technician. Tracy contacted Brightwood College about its Pharmacy Technician program. She was thrilled to learn the program would take her less than a year to complete. She enrolled at Brightwood College in Vista, California and began the program in January 2017.

Her classes were challenging, and going back to school was more difficult than she had expected. At first, her struggles left her feeling defeated. She was ready to quit. Instead, she had an honest conversation with one of her instructors.

Tracy’s instructor offered to tutor her, going the extra mile to ensure that Tracy had the support she needed to complete the program. Her instructor assured her that the material would click with practice and perseverance.

Tracy’s Brightwood College Experience

Tracy’s studies and work ethic continued to improve thanks to hard work and her instructor’s encouragement. She completed the program and graduated with honors.

“I am so grateful for the day my instructor refused to let me quit,” Tracy says. “After my instructors and classmates helped me, I went on to tutor and encourage other students that entered the program and were struggling.”

Looking back on her experience, Tracy says she is grateful for her family, instructors and classmates who stood by her every step of the way and motivated her throughout the journey.

Tracy completed her externship at the same place where she received her own chemotherapy treatments. After graduation, she had four interviews and was offered three different jobs as a pharmacy technician.

“My whole overall experience at Brightwood has been very rewarding,” she says. “I had so much encouragement and support through my journey.”

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