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Career Development

At Brightwood College, our career resource center is committed to your future success. Our faculty and staff strive to provide personalized help and counseling to help you become involved and accomplished in your chosen field.

Professional Student Career Services

Your success is important to us, so our Career Development department is readily available to assist you with your individual career planning. We also provide guidance in any of our offered career programs.

Your success beyond the classroom is important to us. We offer individual career planning and assessments to help you craft the most effective employment search strategies. Learn to write effective cover letters and resumes and sharpen your interviewing skills so that you can make a favorable first impression with prospective employers. We can also guide you in identifying job openings by using local newspaper classified ads and by searching the Internet.

We cannot guarantee job placement following graduation. However, we will be with you every step of the way as you near graduation and begin your employment search. Brightwood College’s dedicated Career Development Specialists stand ready to help you by:

  • Reviewing your resume
  • Assisting in interviewing techniques
  • Counseling for career choice
  • Providing help in career/job-market research
  • Marketing your skills to potential employers
  • Generating job leads

Ongoing Career Development

We offer services such as professional development training and career planning resources and assistance. Even after you are employed, you may contact the school for assistance with updating resumes and use the resources available in the Career Development department. At Brightwood College, your success is our success.

Part-Time Jobs

Many students work on a part-time basis during school to help finance their education. If you require assistance in securing part-time employment while attending classes, the Career Development department will make every effort to assist you in your search.

Contact Career Development

For more information, please contact the Career Development team at the campus of your choice. Find the Brightwood College location nearest you.

Brightwood College does not guarantee employment or advancement.