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Trades Programs

Skilled tradespeople help solve real-world problems in practical, useful ways. Explore our trade school programs to learn more about working with your hands to solve problems in residential, commercial or industrial settings.

Are you interested in a job that uses both your mind and your hands? A profession in a skilled trade could be right for you. Brightwood College offers diploma/certificate programs in heating, ventilation air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC), or as an electrical technician.

Our labs simulate a safe, real-world work environment and allow you to learn how to use tools and equipment you’ll encounter in the field.

Skilled trades are essential for so many of the conveniences we take for granted every day and it takes special ability and know-how to wield tools effectively. Attending trade school is one way to get started in these fields. HVAC and electrical systems require precision and an understanding of programming to operate industrial machinery. Our trade school career programs can help you learn the skills and competencies you need to work as a skilled tradesman or woman.

At Brightwood College, we offer several training programs for individuals wanting to attend trade school. You can work with industry equipment in trade courses and practice newly developed skills in hands-on labs. Our goal is to equip you with relevant trade training that addresses troubleshooting, repair and safety in the field.