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Business Administration


Earn Your Business Administration Diploma/Certificate

Prepare for a career in business in less than nine months.

Imagine a career where you could help companies reach their potential. Business administration involves a range of duties from virtually every industry. Individuals who conduct and manage critical business functions are essential for companies and require employees who are knowledgeable in several aspects of business administration.

If you enjoy solving problems, thinking critically, and collaborating with others, pursuing a business administration diploma/certificate could lead to a rewarding career. At Brightwood College, we offer a diploma/certificate in Business Administration program that encourages practical application and active class participation to prepare you for entry-level careers in business settings.

Earning a Business Administration diploma/certificate could open the door to new career opportunities in fields such as accounting, banking, human resources, and marketing.

Career-Focused Business Administration Classes

At Brightwood College, our business program is designed to prepare students to become future businessmen and women. Our instructors provide real-world examples of business concepts in action. Practical application assignments invite deeper exploration of business principles discussed in class. Through business administration courses, you will have the opportunity to build expertise in topics including marketing, accounting, human resources, and interpersonal communications.

We focus on helping you acquire the knowledge, technical skills and work habits to pursue entry-level positions in various business fields. Management, leadership, communication, decision-making and problem solving are core focuses in our curriculum.

Develop Practical Business Administration Skills

When you earn a diploma/certificate in Business Administration from Brightwood College, you receive a business education that includes hands-on exercises and interactive lessons to develop the skillsets you need to qualify for business administration jobs.

You will have the opportunity to refine your skills through simulations and collaborative group discussions. We offer a small business management course, which introduces you to entrepreneurial principles. You will even practice creating your own business plan while in our program. The practical training you receive could help you learn how to do a number of tasks including the following:

  • Develop business plans
  • Apply accounting principles
  • Complete corporate projects
  • Prepare and distribute office communications
  • Employ listening and communication strategies
  • Interview candidates
  • Utilize Microsoft Office applications
  • Solve business-related problems
  • Develop customer loyalty strategies
  • Manage retail environments

Gain a Wealth of Knowledge in a Business Project

Your business administration school experience would not be complete without a capstone project. A capstone is an individual project that allows you to research and explore business principals on a deeper level and demonstrate all that you've learned.

The capstone experience is designed to strengthen and test your understanding of the concepts covered in business administration courses. You will prepare and deliver a final presentation to faculty and other students. The research, writing, and speaking components that go into the capstone can help you practice applying business principles on your own.

What Is Business Administration?

Business administration relates to all aspects of running a business. It involves a lot more than filing paperwork or balancing expenses. A core function of business administration is to help companies manage resources wisely. Day-to-day operations can deplete companies’ reserves, so administrators keep a careful eye on expenses and processes and are continually seeking to improve efficiency.

Administrative duties vary by position and industry. In general, these professionals are responsible for taking care of tasks that correspond with sustaining the business on an administrative level.

General Business Administration Job Description

  • Manage administrative tasks
  • Develop strategies to improve efficiency
  • Facilitate day-to-day operations
  • Help manage budgets and prepare financial data
  • Supervise and train office support staff
  • Introduce new technologies and productivity tools
  • Collaborate with other staff to improve operations
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Implement business procedures
  • Resolve administrative issues

What Can You Do with a Business Administration Diploma/Certificate?

A Business Administration diploma/certificate can be applied to almost every industry because the ability to organize, plan, and manage is universally attractive. Businesses of all kinds need skilled administrators to help improve and streamline operations.

Earning a business diploma/certificate can mean working in various roles or capacities. Entry-level positions can often be found in industries such as finance, sales, human resources, management, or the non-profit sector. Some administrators support entrepreneurs and start-up companies while others prefer working in more corporate or service-oriented environments.

Potential Business Administration Jobs

  • Administrative or executive assistant
  • Administrative service manager
  • General and operations manager
  • Sales representative
  • Retail store manager
  • Customer support representatives
  • Human resources positions

Pursuing a Job in Business Administration

Our Career Development department can help you develop your job search skills. We can help with resume building, interview techniques, and job market research. Completing our Business Administration program could help you enter the field with confidence.

Working in business and finding success requires you to continue to pursue knowledge relevant to your job. It’s important to seek out mentoring relationships because you need a network of support to reach your long-term goals.

A Brighter Future Could Start with a Diploma/Certificate in Business Administration

Take the first step toward earning your diploma/certificate in business. Fill out our information form or give us a call today. 

Brightwood College does not guarantee employment or career advancement.

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