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X-Ray Technician/Back Office Medical Assistant


Would you like the opportunity to operate medical technology and become an integral part of a medical team? If so, earning a diploma from Brightwood College as an x-ray technician/back office medical assistant could be the first step.

Our X-Ray Technician/Back Office Medical Assistant program provides a comprehensive curriculum offering back office medical assisting training with preparation for certification to help prepare you for job opportunities in the field. Instruction includes chest, extremity, and torso-skeletal x-ray procedures, as well as a variety of back office/medical assisting duties. Training emphasizes effective techniques that provide protection for the patient and the technician.

Through this program, you could gain the relevant knowledge and skills to seek various entry-level positions in a physician's office, chiropractic office, clinic, or full-service medical center. These positions are available in private medical practices, corporate health care, and government services.

X-Ray Technician/Back Office Medical Assistant Program Features

Work toward a rewarding career as an x-ray technician/back office medical assistant. Brightwood College's program provides an in-depth curriculum that includes:

  • Clinical and administrative course instruction
  • Hands-on training with industry-related technology
  • Preparation assistance for certification exams
  • Assistance with job placement

X-Ray Technician and Medical Assistant Certification

Graduates must pass the California State Examination to secure a position as an x-ray technician. In addition, our program helps prepare graduates for licensure and certification exams such as the following:

  • The California State Examination in X-Ray Technician Limited Permit for Chest, Extremities, and Torso-Skeletal Radiography exam.
  • The National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA) sponsored by the National Center for Career Testing (NCCT). Visit for information regarding eligibility. 

California students: Licensure exam pass rates are available at

Certification or licensure examinations vary by location. Please see your campus' course catalog to determine which certification or licensure exam(s) may be available to you.

Potential Career Opportunities

Earning a diploma from our X-Ray Technician/Back Office Medical Assistant Diploma program could prepare you to seek entry-level employment such as the following:

  • Back office medical assistant
  • Darkroom technician
  • X-ray technician, limited permit

The College makes no representation, promise or guarantee that completion of this program either assures passage of any certification examination or acceptance by any state board. Prospective and current students, as well as graduates, are responsible for researching and understanding all examination, registration or licensure requirements in any state in which they seek to become registered, licensed or employed. Brightwood College does not guarantee employment or career advancement.

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