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Beltsville Campus Features and Facilities

Brightwood College has one goal in mind — helping you start down a path to a successful and rewarding career. We share your vision for a brighter future and provide the real-world education you need to gain a successful career. We offer our students more than just high-quality education; we develop and enhance the skills you need for a successful career, leading you to a brighter future.

Our Mission

Brightwood College offers career-focused, hands-on training in a variety of fields to help empower you to seek a position in your chosen career. Our high-quality education programs can help you to achieve the knowledge and skills you need to accomplish your professional and personal goals.


Student Services

In addition to providing you with a quality education that can help improve your career, Brightwood College is there to assist you during the process. We realize that in order to achieve your educational goals, you may require additional guidance and services. At Brightwood College we provide:

Flexible Schedules

Just because you have responsibilities and interests outside the classroom, that should not keep you from acquiring the education you desire. Brightwood College programs are structured so you can continue working at your current job while pursuing an education that could lead to new and exciting career opportunities. We offer flexible class schedules during the day and night to help you balance your work and home lives with your education.

Accomplished Staff and Faculty

At Brightwood College you will have the opportunity to learn from a top-notch faculty that does what they teach. Our faculty members come from a variety of professional backgrounds and possess diverse educational and work expertise. This background and experience can add real-world insight into the needs and demands of your chosen field. By providing a combination of academic and hands-on training, we can give you the confidence and opportunity to advance in today's competitive marketplace.


The Beltsville campus of Brightwood College is conveniently located at 4600 Powder Mill Road in Beltsville, Maryland. The campus occupies 40,000 square feet of space with computer labs and classrooms equipped with industry-related equipment and technology, offering students hands-on instruction in their chosen career.

Learning Resource Center

Brightwood College offers a Learning Resource Center, which consists of a reference room that contains multiple copies of each textbook and lab manuals used in the courses offered. In addition, Brightwood College has a Virtual Library that is accessible to students, staff, and graduates directly from the College's homepage. The Virtual Library contains thousands of online books, magazines, and reference materials.

The campus Learning Resource Center offers an accessible collection of books and materials, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, videotapes, and textbooks.

Practical Equipment

Brightwood College strives to uphold high educational standards. To help accomplish this goal, industry-related technology and equipment is utilized in each specialized program. This provides you the opportunity to develop practical, working knowledge of the equipment and materials you might encounter on the job, along with the professional edge necessary in today’s competitive marketplace.

Computer Equipment

Computer labs and classrooms are equipped with various computers, printers, modems, CD-ROM drives, multimedia equipment, and diagnostic software configured either for single-station users or as a network. Labs for the electronics, computer, and telecommunications technology programs utilize test equipment, including signal generators and oscilloscopes.

Electronics Equipment

Electronics labs are equipped with hand tools, project boards, analog and digital meters, digital-function generators, microprocessor-controlled color television receivers, telephone-digitized communications circuit boards, digital storage scopes, microprocessor trainers, IBM-compatible monitors, and printers and software, including Electronics Workbench® and various operating systems. All electronics students receive digital and analog trainers.