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Brownsville Campus Features and Facilities

 A quality education can make a considerable difference in your future. With the appropriate knowledge and training, you can seek a new career or advance in your current one. The satisfaction found in a new or improved career can spill over into all areas of your life, and Brightwood College can help. Our programs provide the education and skills you need to make a difference in your personal and professional future.


To succeed in school, you need to feel comfortable in your environment so you can concentrate on learning. Brightwood College, Brownsville campus, offers a lot of advantages that can help you get the education you need to prepare for a promising future:

  • We provide a nurturing, student-friendly atmosphere in which you can achieve your potential.
  • We limit our class sizes so you can get the level of individual attention you require.
  • We encourage you to communicate and interact with other students through group study sessions, special interest groups, and cooperative learning activities.
  • We hire professional instructors who have experience working in the fields they teach and are prepared to help you acquire the knowledge, skills, and work habits you need to pursue your future career with confidence.

Contact an Admissions Representative to learn how earning a diploma from Brightwood College can help you achieve the personal and professional satisfaction that comes from having a career you enjoy. Take a step in the right direction by enrolling today.


Brightwood College, Brownsville campus is located in the Omni Pavilion Shopping Center off the main expressway in Brownsville, Texas. The school occupies the entire west building in the shopping center and provides a comfortable learning environment with spacious classrooms, training labs, student break areas, and an outdoor patio.

Medical Training

Our medical labs simulate real-world health care facilities and have areas set up for examining patients. You will have an opportunity to practice health care procedures using exam tables, CPR and EKG equipment, lab testing machines and equipment, minor surgical instruments, and phlebotomy equipment and supplies.

Computer Training

Our computer support technician training labs are equipped with the hardware and software applications commonly used in today's business environments. Instructors use LCD projectors linked to their work station computers to display real-time assignment processes. Hardware labs contain a variety of diagnostic, repair, and practice equipment to facilitate troubleshooting. Students can also work on actual hardware repair projects that are brought into the school by private owners.

HVAC Training

Our HVAC training labs allow you to practice real-world job skills using functional residential AC and heating systems, ductwork, brazing equipment and gases, and commercial refrigeration units.