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Dallas Campus Features and Facilities

If you're planning a future as a medical assistant or as a paralegal, Brightwood College can provide the education, skills, and training you need to realize your professional goal. The career knowledge you receive can help make you a better qualified job candidate. When you graduate, you may find that not only are there more opportunities available to you, but you can also enjoy the rewards of increased earnings over your career. 


Support Services

Brightwood College in Dallas offers guidance services to help you with personal, financial or educational problems you may have. If you require outside agency services, we can refer you to them. We also offer academic advising to help you as needed to reach your educational goals.

Employment Assistance

If you would like a part-time job to help with your education costs while you attend classes, we can also help you in that search. Then when you become an eligible graduate, we can provide employment assistance. We offer classes, workshops, and advising sessions that guide you through the process of securing and maintaining employment. It should be understood that Career Development offered by the College are not an obligation or a guarantee of employment.

Convenient Location

Our Dallas campus is conveniently located off I-35 and I-635. Public transportation serves the area and there is ample parking available.

Refresher Courses

As a graduate of Brightwood College, you are entitled to return for refresher courses at no cost provided the classes are in the program from which you graduated and space is available in the class. This training is offered at the discretion of the Director of Education. Graduates must pay for any books, fees, and supplies used during the refresher training. No credits will be awarded for refresher courses.

Act Now

Brightwood College can help get you started on realizing your career goals. Why not get in touch with us today? An Admissions Representative can answer any questions you may have.


Dallas Campus Facilities

Brightwood College in Dallas occupies over 32,000 square feet, including lecture rooms, medical and computer labs, a research library, and administrative offices. CD-ROM technology and Internet access are available to all students and are utilized in all programs. The building is wheelchair accessible. Parking is available for all students.

General equipment includes classroom whiteboards, computers, Internet connections, overhead projectors, and a variety of computer software and electronic sources. Each program also has field-specific equipment, including a general reference library containing texts and other materials relevant to the subject and to career opportunities.

Dental Equipment

The lab for the dental assistant training is equipped with a complete dental operatory, x-ray area, autoclave, lab sinks, worktables, and dental instruments. The dental computer lab is equipped with billing software that is common to dental offices. Software programs are updated regularly.

Medical Equipment

The medical assistant program uses autoclaves, centrifuges, EKGs, phlebotomy equipment, CPR training equipment, and numerous other items found in a medical setting. The medical computer lab is equipped with billing software that is common to the workplace.

Medical Office Equipment

The medical office specialist program is equipped with billing software that is common to the medical environment. The students have access to calculators and Dell computers. Software programs are updated regularly.

Paralegal Materials

The paralegal training program in Dallas has access to legal materials on the Internet, Westlaw,™ and other online legal research tools, and an on-site law library. Students also have access to many law libraries in the community at law schools and courthouses.