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Dayton Campus Features and Facilities

Brightwood College provides for a positive learning experience by encouraging you to reach your full potential within the framework of your chosen profession. Our teaching techniques involve interaction between you, your fellow students, and your instructor through discussion, projects, labs, demonstrations, guest speakers, and field trips. We also place an emphasis on accountability, professionalism, and your commitment to continuing professional development. 


Support Services

Brightwood College offers a career education that provides services that support you academically, vocationally, and personally. These services include academic tutoring, individual advising, and assistance in locating social services. As an eligible graduate, we also provide assistance to you in obtaining employment. We offer classes, workshops, and advising sessions that teach and guide you through the process of securing and maintaining employment in your profession.

Convenient Scheduling

We offer both day and evening classes so you have the flexibility to get a college education while you continue to work. Contact an Admissions Representative for a detailed academic calendar.

Dedicated Staff

Our faculty members are qualified, trained, and supportive of your educational needs. From the moment you decide to enroll in Brightwood College, you will be matched with a caring Academic Representative who will help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Your Future Is Waiting for You

Whether you are seeking a career in allied health or trades, Brightwood College in Dayton can provide the education and career training you need to target your professional goals. Take the first step and contact us today.

Dayton Campus Facilities

In keeping with the high standards of Brightwood College, the Dayton campus provides you with the opportunity to develop a practical, working knowledge of the equipment and materials likely to be used on the job. Brightwood College provides students with hands-on instruction using a variety of program and industry related equipment.

Allied Health

All equipment needed for the allied health programs is provided, but a fee will be charged for supplies. Computers are available for the administrative courses. The clinical portion utilizes autoclaves, centrifuges, exam tables, EKGs, and numerous other items found in a medical lab or doctor's office.

Pharmacy Technician

Equipment needed to complete the pharmacy technician program is provided as part of tuition, books, and supplies. Lab facilities include a laminar flow hood, scales, and medication processing areas.


Trades programs include various tools and other testing and instructional aides common to the understanding of this industry.