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Fort Worth Campus Features and Facilities

To succeed in school, you need to feel comfortable in your environment so you can concentrate on learning. Brightwood College, Fort Worth campus, offers advantages that can help you get the education you need to prepare for a promising future.


Why Brightwood College?

  • We provide a student-friendly atmosphere in which you could achieve your potential.
  • We limit our class sizes so you can get the level of individual attention you require.
  • We encourage you to communicate and interact with other students through group study sessions, special interest groups, and cooperative learning activities.
  • We hire professional instructors who have experience working in the fields they teach and are prepared to help you acquire the knowledge, skills, and work habits you need to pursue your future career with confidence.

Contact an Admissions Representative to learn how earning a diploma from Brightwood College can help you achieve the personal and professional satisfaction that comes from having a career you enjoy. Take a step in the right direction by enrolling today. 


At Brightwood College, Fort Worth campus, we aim to make your learning environment comfortable and convenient with spacious classrooms, training labs, a student lounge, a reception area, and a resource room with periodicals, texts, reference materials, and videos relevant to our programs.

Computer Training

Our computer labs are equipped with computer hardware and software commonly used in today's business environments. You can practice and build confidence in your ability to utilize computer technology in your future career. Internet access is also available.

Health Care Training

Our health care programs offer training in labs that allow you to gain hands-on experience with equipment and supplies commonly used in the workplace.

  • Our dental assistant training lab is equipped with a complete dental operatory, x-ray area, film developing areas, autoclaves, lab sinks, worktables, and dental instruments.
  • For students enrolled in our medical assistant program, our medical labs are designed to simulate real-world health care settings, with examination tables, minor surgical instruments, lab testing machines and equipment, lab sinks, phlebotomy equipment, EKG machines, exam areas, and CPR training equipment.