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Indianapolis Campus Features and Facilities

At Brightwood College, you can discover your potential and learn how to use it to shape your future. Our curriculum is specifically geared to guide you in your pursuit of a rewarding and successful career. We strive to help you reach your goals by offering quality programs that integrate professional skills and career-focused training.


Personal Feel, Practical Education

Brightwood College's faculty and student body form a dynamic learning setting complete with facilities and laboratories offering industry-related technology and equipment, similar to what you may encounter in the workplace. Brightwood College could enhance your learning environment for better career preparation.

You're Not Just a Number Here

Unlike many schools, we limit our class sizes to give you more personal attention. Each student is valued as an individual and given every opportunity to grow and learn in an educational environment. Our instructors have professional experience and can offer you inside knowledge you won't find in most textbooks. At Brightwood College, we teach with your future in mind.


Brightwood College offers both day and night classes providing you the flexibility needed to balance your life and your education. You can continue working at your current job while receiving an education that could lead to a successful career. Are you ready to train for a career that you can be proud of? If so, welcome to Brightwood College.


Indianapolis Campus Facilities

At Brightwood College, Indianapolis campus, we strive to make your learning environment comfortable. With 7 classrooms, the school occupies an over 18,000-square-foot building built specifically for our campus. In addition to spacious lecture classrooms and administrative offices, our campus features a:

  • Student lounge
  • Staff lounge
  • Reception area
  • Ample parking
  • Learning resource center
  • Computer lab
  • Medical lab
  • Electrical technician lab

Equipped for Success

Our electrical technician lab utilizes a stick house with metal- and wood-framed walls and a wood-framed ceiling. Three variations of electrical boards consisting of various types of cable, conduit, wire, lamp holds, receptacles, circuit breakers, nuts, staples, straps, and screws are used to simulate job sites. Various types of boxes, connectors, plugs, float switches, fuses and fuse holders, mounting channels, terminal jumpers, porcelain light fixtures, single switches, 3- and 4-way switches, duplex receptacles, and incandescent lamps are also available so you can practice the skills used in a career as an electrical technician.