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Modesto Campus Features and Facilities

Brightwood College in Modesto, California offers you training in the skills needed to not only seek an entry-level position in your new career choice, but to potentially thrive in it. Our hands-on approach, coupled with our personal attention, can provide you with the tools necessary to fill the current needs of employers in your chosen industry. Explore how Brightwood College can help you reach your desired goals for the future.


Committed To Your Success

Brightwood College believes in helping you reach your full potential within the framework of your individual needs, interests, and capabilities. In addition to providing academic support, we offer assistance beyond the classroom. Some of the services we provide include individual advisement, tutoring, career development, and even assistance in locating needed social services.

Hands-On Training

At Brightwood College in Modesto, California you can receive hands-on experience working with the equipment and materials you may encounter on the job. Our labs, real-world equipment, and anatomical models can give you practical working experience to support your academic studies and prepare you to put your newly acquired skills to immediate use.

Dedicated Staff

Both our faculty and staff strive to assist you on your path to a better future in a fulfilling career. Our faculty members bring varied educational and work experience from their fields, offering insight into the current trends and requirements of their professions. Our shared vision is for you to achieve the personal and professional future you dream of.


Modesto Campus Facilities

The Modesto campus of Brightwood College is situated in the rapidly expanding Central Valley. The facility occupies 24,000 square feet of classroom and office space.

Our programs are taught in specially built classrooms, medical labs, and computer rooms. Our campus has student lounge facilities and outside tables where you can socialize with other students and study together. The on-campus library and learning resource center contain a variety of professional texts, journals, and audiovisual material. The library offers multimedia computers for your use, and is open during regularly scheduled hours.


We are dedicated to helping you develop a practical, working knowledge of the equipment and materials you will encounter on the job.

  • The therapeutic health technician program utilizes materials that include ADL equipment, ambulation devices, wheelchairs, mat tables, splints, therapeutic activity equipment, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, CPR equipment, independent living devices, and adaptive equipment.
  • The medical assistant program utilizes materials that include examination centrifuges, glucometers, microscopes, autoclaves, minor surgical instruments, electrocardiograph machines, ambulatory aids, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, microhematocrit readers, and support devices, as well as computers with keyboarding, electronic medical records, virtual medical office simulations, and medical administration software.
  • The medical office specialist program utilizes materials that include printers and computers with word processing, transcribing, billing, and coding software.
  • The vocational nursing program utilizes labs to simulate a hospital-style patient care unit. The equipment includes hospital type beds, low-fidelity and high-fidelity simulation mannequins (such as infant, child and a birthing simulator), medical charts , medication carts, vital sign equipment, naso-gastric feeding and IV pumps, ambulation equipment, articulated skeletons and various body part models to ensure hands on learning. Computer labs include printers and systems with installed software in the areas of keyboarding, word processing, nursing simulations, and medical administration.