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Nashville Campus Features and Facilities

Brightwood College in Nashville, TN is dedicated to providing quality programs that combine a variety of teaching techniques to help you achieve your lifelong personal and professional goals. Your classes will combine traditional classroom lectures and hands-on lab training. In addition, your training will give you an opportunity to participate in group discussions and projects, simulations, demonstrations, field trips, presentations by guest speakers, and other activities that let you learn through real-world experiences. When you graduate, you can have the training you need to move right from the classroom to a career in the real world.


If you want to pursue a new career or advance in your current one, Brightwood College could provide the education, skills, and professional training to help you realize your dream. Brightwood College in Nashville (formerly Southeastern Paralegal Institute, Southeastern Career College, and Brightwood Career Institute) has been providing paralegal studies programs for more than 30 years and offers the only American Bar Association-approved paralegal education programs in Nashville. The knowledge and skills you gain here could open more doors for you and help make you a better qualified job candidate.

Support Services

Brightwood College offers guidance services to help you with personal, financial, or educational issues you may have. If you require outside agency services, we can refer you to them. We also offer academic advising to help you as needed to reach your educational goals. If you would like a part-time job to help with your education costs while you attend classes, we can also help you in that search. As an eligible graduate of one of our programs, we can provide employment assistance. We offer classes, workshops, and advising sessions to help guide you through the process of securing and maintaining employment.

Refresher Courses

As a graduate of Brightwood College, you are welcome to return for refresher courses at no cost, provided the classes are in the program from which you graduated and space is available in the class. This training is offered at the discretion of the Director of Education. Graduates must pay for any books, fees, and supplies used during the refresher training. No credits will be awarded for refresher courses.


Nashville Campus Facilities

Brightwood College is conveniently located to serve the Nashville area. Classes are conducted at 750 Envious Lane in Nashville, Tennessee. The campus occupies approximately 26,600 square feet.

Each School program is taught in specially built classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, and computer labs. All facilities are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In keeping with the high educational standards of Brightwood College, the equipment used in all programs affords students the opportunity to develop a practical, working knowledge of the equipment and materials they likely will be using on the job.