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Palm Springs Campus Features and Facilities

At Brightwood College, we understand that in order to seek a new career or gain advancement in your current profession, you need the knowledge and skills that can help you stand out to employers. We share your vision for a brighter future and want to help you reach your goals. We'll work with you as you start on the path to a better career.


Preparing You for Success

Making the commitment to obtain a higher education is the first step to success. Brightwood College can provide the education that can improve your career and make a positive difference in your life. Our comprehensive education programs can give you a professional edge with a real-world education and hands-on skills that employers are looking for in today's competitive marketplace.

Experienced Faculty

Brightwood College in Palm Springs, California is proud to have experienced and dedicated faculty that can provide you the necessary education and training to help advance your career. Our faculty members possess diverse educational and work expertise to add real-world insight to the needs and demands of your chosen field. Many are active in their profession and contribute knowledge and skills that reflect current trends and requirements of their respective fields.

More Than Just an Education

While attending school we realize that getting an education can sometimes entail more than just studying. Brightwood College can provide you with the education you need for a successful career along with student services that can help you during the process. We have the following services available to assist you:


Palm Springs Campus Facilities

Students at Brightwood College's Palm Springs campus can enjoy spacious classrooms, student and staff lounges, business offices, and a reception area. Our on-campus library contains a variety of professional texts, reference materials, journals, audiovisual materials, and multimedia computers. It is available to students and faculty during regularly scheduled hours.


Brightwood College wants you to be prepared for real on-the-job experiences. We offer students hands-on instruction and use of a variety of medical, technical, and computer equipment in each specialized program. We want you to develop a practical, working knowledge of the equipment and materials you may encounter on the job.

  • The medical assistant program equipment includes a centrifuge, blood glucose machines, microscopes, autoclaves, and examination tables. Phlebotomy and blood pressure equipment is also utilized to simulate clinical settings. Classroom/lab computers and printers are readily accessible with installed software for keyboarding, word processing, and medical administration.
  • Equipment for the massage therapy program includes full-size massage tables, stools, paraffin bath units, hydrotherapy foot spas, and massage chairs.
  • The dental assistant program provides training with sterilization equipment, dental tools, tray setups, and various equipment used in the dental office.