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Riverside Campus Features and Facilities

If your goal is to gain success in your career and improve your professional status, an education from Brightwood College is the right place to start. We can help you achieve your goals because we understand that in order to seek a new career or gain advancement in your current profession, you need the knowledge and skills that can help you stand out to employers. The education and training we offer can empower you to be academically, professionally, and personally successful. Brightwood College shares your vision for a brighter future, and we want to work with you to help you attain that vision.


Educational Foundation

Brightwood College prides itself on offering a variety of quality educational programs that can allow you to graduate with a solid foundation for your professional success. With a diploma from Brightwood College, you can gain the professional edge that employers are looking for in today's competitive marketplace. You can seek exciting entry-level opportunities. Take the first step with Brightwood College in Riverside, California.

A Valuable Faculty

Brightwood College maintains an experienced and dedicated faculty that can provide you the education and training for a new career or advancement in your current profession. Their diverse educational and work expertise allows them to offer valuable insight into your chosen field. Many are active in their profession and contribute to their respective fields. Our faculty is a valuable resource to you.

Support Services

We understand that as you work toward your education, you may need additional guidance and services. Brightwood College provides various student services that can help you during the process. We have the following services available to assist you:

  • Housing assistance
  • Financial guidance
  • Tutoring services
  • Career Development department


Riverside Campus Facilities

The Riverside campus of Brightwood College is centrally located near several major freeways and public transportation.

The facility offers approximately 45,000 square feet of classrooms and administrative offices. Internet access is available in computer labs and other areas dedicated to additional learning support. You may also find research sources and materials that will enhance your classroom instruction. The learning resources are available during normal College office hours.

The campus has ample parking available, and the facility is handicap accessible.


Brightwood College in Riverside, California knows that the best way for you to be prepared for real on-the-job experiences is by working with the equipment you may encounter. That's why our education programs are designed to help you develop a practical, working knowledge of that equipment. General equipment for all programs includes classroom whiteboards, computers, Internet connections, and a variety of computer software and electronic resources. Each program also has specialized equipment, including a general reference library containing texts and other materials relevant to each course of study and career opportunities.