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Los Angeles (Van Nuys) Campus Features and Facilities

Brightwood College in Los Angeles (Van Nuys), California can provide you with the skills needed to not only secure a health care position, but to thrive in it. Our hands-on approach coupled with our personal attention can provide you with the tools necessary to fill the current needs of employers in your career field. Learn how Brightwood College can help you reach your goals and build the future you desire.


The Difference

In addition to providing academic support, we offer assistance beyond the classroom. Some of the services we provide include individual advisement, tutoring, Career Development, and even assistance in locating needed social services.

Hands-On Training

In addition to classroom learning, at Brightwood College you can receive hands-on experience working with equipment and materials you may encounter on the job. Our labs, complete with real-world equipment and anatomical models, emphasize the fact that we believe in giving you practical working experience to support your education. It is our goal to prepare you to put your newly acquired skills to use immediately in your chosen profession.

Involved Staff

Both our faculty and staff are available to assist you on your path to a rewarding career. Our faculty members are supportive of your needs. Many are involved in the health care profession every day, and teach skills, procedures, and processes that reflect today's trend. What you learn at Brightwood College can help advance your career and make a difference in your life.


Van Nuys Campus Facilities

The Van Nuys campus of Brightwood College is convenient to public transportation and is easily accessible from freeways 170 and 101. Brightwood College occupies 26,354 square feet of classrooms, labs, student lounges, administrative offices, computer labs, and work areas. Free parking is available, and our facility is handicap accessible. 

Each Brightwood College education program is taught in specially built classrooms and labs. Student lounge facilities are available and our on-campus library and learning resource center contain a variety of journals and other resources for research and general studies. The library offers computer services and Internet access and is open to accommodate students during most College hours.


In keeping with the high educational standards of Brightwood College, the equipment utilized in each program offers you the opportunity to develop a practical, working knowledge of the equipment and materials you may encounter on the job.

  • Students enrolled in the medical assistant program utilize materials that include centrifuges, glucometers, microscopes, autoclaves, minor surgical instruments, electrocardiograph machines, ambulatory aids, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, microhematocrit readers, and support devices, as well as computers with keyboarding, electronic medical records, virtual medical office simulations, and medical administration software.
  • Students enrolled in the x-ray technician/medical assistant back office program utilize materials used in the medical assistant program and radiologic technology equipment such as articulated skeletons and disarticulated bones, an automatic film processor with various sized cassettes and film, and a digital processor with PACS storage system. Other equipment includes radiographic training phantoms for various body parts such as chest, torso, and extremities, x-ray illuminators (light boxes), single-phase and three-phase x-ray machines, x-ray tables, and assorted exposure and experiment accessories including calipers and radiolucent sponges. Additional tools include centrifuges, glucometers, microscopes, autoclaves, minor surgical instruments, electrocardiograph machines, ambulatory aids, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, and microhematocrit readers.
  • Students enrolled in the diagnostic medical sonography/ultrasound program utilize materials and equipment including UltraSim/Ultrasound Training Simulator with male and female mannequins, Philips HD 11 (3D/4D), GE Logic 700, ATL HDI 5000, Acuson Aspen, HP/Philips Sonos 5500, Acuson 128 XP (3 systems), Acuson Sequoia revision 12.2, Philips HDI 5000, and Vascular /Segmental Pressure Ultrasound System (Parks).
  • Students enrolled in the vocational nursing program utilize labs to simulate a hospital-style patient care unit. The equipment includes hospital type beds, mannequins (such as infant, child and a birthing simulator), medical charts, medication carts, vital sign equipment, naso-gastric feeding and IV pumps, ambulation equipment, articulated skeletons and various body part models to ensure hands on learning. Computer labs include nursing simulations and medical administration software.
  • The phlebotomy program utilizes materials and equipment including needles, syringes, lancets, various blood collection tubes, glucometers, centrifuged, microhematocrit machines, and other support devices.