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Vista Campus Features and Facilities

Brightwood College in Vista, California can help you reach your goals of gaining success in your career and improving your professional status. Obtaining an education from Brightwood College can bring you that much closer to realizing your dreams. We understand that in order to seek a new career or gain advancement in your current profession, you need the knowledge and skills that can help you stand out to employers and give you a professional edge. The education and training you will receive here can empower you to be academically, professionally, and personally successful. Brightwood College shares your vision for a brighter future, and we want to help you work toward a better career.


Career-Oriented Programs

Our education programs are designed to provide you with a variety of career-oriented courses. We place a major emphasis on skill subjects that can help prepare you to enter highly competitive fields and seek exciting entry-level career opportunities. This educational training can afford you opportunities to advance in your chosen profession. Take the first step with Brightwood College.

A Faculty of Professionals

At Brightwood College in Vista, California, we hire experienced and dedicated professionals to be a part of our quality faculty. Many of them are active in their profession and contribute to their respective fields. They possess diverse educational and work expertise, which allows them to offer insight on how you can achieve your professional goals in your chosen field. Our faculty is here for you.

Support Services

In addition to your education, Brightwood College is here to provide additional guidance and services when necessary. We provide a variety of student services that can help you while you obtain your education. The following services are available to assist you:

  • Housing assistance
  • Financial guidance
  • Tutoring services
  • Career Development


Vista Campus Facilities

The Vista campus of Brightwood College is centrally located in a beautifully landscaped, hilltop setting in the expanding Vista area.

The facility offers approximately 55,000 square feet of classrooms and administrative offices. Students have access to an on-campus library that contains a variety of texts and journals representative of all education programs offered at the college, as well as Internet access. In addition, an online library, audio-visual programs, and computer-assisted programs are available. The campus has ample parking available.


Brightwood College in Vista, CA knows that the best way for you to be prepared for real on-the-job experiences is by having hands-on instruction with the equipment you may encounter. By allowing you to use a variety of medical, technical, and computer equipment, we offer you the opportunity to develop a practical, working knowledge of career-related materials. Our medical programs also provide training with nursing and rehab laboratories.

The medical assistant program uses equipment that includes:

  • Centrifuge
  • Blood-glucose machines
  • Microscopes
  • Autoclaves
  • Examination tables
  • Phlebotomy and blood pressure equipment

In addition, classroom/lab computers and printers are readily accessible to students, with installed software for keyboarding, word processing, nursing simulations, and medical administration.

Nursing labs include equipment such as:

  • Hospital-style patient care units
  • Blood pressure and temperature equipment
  • IV poles
  • Articulated skeletons
  • Ambulation equipment

Equipment for the massage therapy and holistic health practitioner programs include:

  • Full-size massage tables
  • Stools
  • Paraffin bath units
  • Hydrotherapy foot spas
  • Massage chairs

The pharmacy technician classroom/lab is equipped with:

  • Mock retail pharmacy
  • Laminar flow hoods
  • Unit dose cassettes
  • Electronic scales
  • Class-A balance with weights
  • Counter space with sinks for compounding