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Career Compass Grant and Payment Plan

About Our College Grant and Payment Plan

Discover how you could get your education for less.

Learn how you can make your tuition more affordable with two financial assistance options: the Career Compass™ Grant and the Long Term Payment Plan.

Career Compass™ Grant

We all know the benefits of doing well in school and graduating. Now we have one more reason for you to complete your educational goals. The Career Compass™ Grant offers you the ability to attend school for a lower cost by rewarding you for your academic achievements. 

How It Works

  • Grants are awarded upon graduation
  • Eligible students may receive between $500 to $2500 toward their tuition
  • To qualify, a student must make a minimum payment of $25 per month‡ toward tuition while attending classes and meeting additional academic criteria
  • Students seeking to receive more than the base $500 grant may increase the award amount by increasing the amount they pay monthly

Added Benefits

  • Monthly payments help students reduce overall debt
  • The Career Compass™ Grant is a Brightwood-awarded grant and does not have to be paid back


To receive the Career Compass™ Grant upon graduation, students must:

  • Submit a completed Career Compass™ Grant application to the Financial Aid department
  • Maintain at least half-time enrollment status
  • Maintain a 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) throughout their enrollment
  • Meet all graduation requirements of their program
  • Make all required cash payments based on their individual financing plan
  • Complete all Career Compass™ Certified Professional Program§ activities

Long Term Payment Plan

The Long Term Payment Plan is an opportunity for students to lessen the financial pressure of paying for their education.

For students who worry that the 6-month, post-graduation extension for paying the difference between their tuition and available aid is not enough time, the Long Term Payment Plan:

  • Extends required cash payments over a longer period of time than 6 months
  • Reduces monthly out-of-pocket costs
  • Requires a monthly payment of as low as $50 per month, post-graduation

Along with the Career Compass™ Grant, this is a unique opportunity to make school more affordable. 

Additional conditions apply. Please contact us today for more details, eligibility requirements, and applications.


* This offer is not available in Pennsylvania.

‡ The payment requirement is in addition to any cash or loan payments the student is required to make to cover the total amount of tuition. Please talk to your financial aid officer for details. Additional conditions apply.

§ For more information about the Career Compass™ Certified Professional Program, contact an Admissions Representative for a program information sheet.